I’ve been something of a regular visitor to Terroirs since it opened near Charing Cross station last year. I think it’s exactly what the Covent Garden area needed; a haven of good food and fine wines away from the overpriced tourist traps. The fact that it’s conveniently located near my workplace is neither here nor there… honestly. The delicious food, friendly service, and convivial, bustling atmosphere mean that it’s become my first choice for a weekday lunch that’s just a bit special.

One of the main reasons I’ve been back to Terroirs several times is the caponata from their selection of ‘small plates’ – more than enough for lunch when accompanied by their excellent bread – it’s seriously, meltingly delicious and is served with goat’s curd and garlic toast. Seasonal eating being what it is, however, it was absent from the menu on last Friday’s visit. C’est la vie. Instead, I tucked into a bright bowl of autumnal pumpkin soup with parmesan and chestnuts (delicious and beautifully textured – I saved the chestnuts till last to enjoy them all the more), accompanied by a green salad and a glass of verdicchio. Laura’s snails, bacon, garlic and parsley were, I’m told, rich, tasty, and very garlicky indeed.

With the aforementioned bread, the soup would have been plenty for lunch on a normal day. However, I was recovering from the flu and desperate to get back on the eating horse, and there was no way I was leaving without trying the salted butter caramel crêpes:

Although they eventually defeated me, I’m so very pleased I tried them. The caramel was cooked to just the right side of dark and bitter, and the sprinkling of salt cut through the sweet sauce for a perfect balance.

Laura opted for the pear and almond tart:

I’m not much of a pear fan but this was excellent, with moist sponge and biscuity, buttery pastry of the kind I long to be able to make myself. We left Terroirs stuffed to the gills, but oh so very happy. So happy, in fact, that I’m going back next week, possibly to try out the newly opened downstairs restaurant. I can’t imagine that it’ll be anything less than fantastic.