August 2010

I’m not an ice cream fanatic by any means – I don’t think I’d ever order it on its own as a dessert – but under the right circumstances I have a real soft spot for a good gelato. Scoop, conveniently located quite close to my office in Covent Garden, does a great pistachio gelato, although I’m often put off by the long post-work queues on hot summer evenings. After a difficult day on Wednesday, I managed to convince Paul to accompany me on a walk down Shaftesbury Avenue to Gelupo. (It wasn’t difficult.)

As well as gelato, Gelupo also sells granita in various delicious flavours like sour cherry or blond almond (I’m having that next time), and sorbets. I went for avocado and honey sorbet, and fennel seed and pine nut gelato; Paul chose two gelati: chestnut, and coffee, ricotta and honey.

Left: fennel seed and pine nut gelato; avocado and honey sorbet. Right: coffee, ricotta, and honey gelato; chestnut gelato (buried underneath).

The avocado and honey sorbet was pretty nice, but the fennel seed and pine nut gelato was everything I hoped it would be. Absolutely and unusually delicious. Paul’s selections were, if possible, even better: the coffee, ricotta, and honey gelato was rich, creamy and tasted beautifully of all its ingredients, and the chestnut one tasted exactly like an ice cream version of the Clément Faugier sweetened chestnut purée that I’m really very fond of eating straight out of the tin.

The flavours on offer at Gelupo change regularly and have been known to include a blood orange granita that I will most definitely have to try. Anyway, I’ve got a loyalty card now so it’d be rude not to go back.


Ahem. Please excuse that dreadful pun.

The more eagle-eyed among you might notice that it’s been a good few weeks since I last wrote an entry. I don’t have a good excuse, apart from being horrendously busy at work.

I did have an Ottolenghi-fest last week, but used up all my spare time cooking rather than writing about it. I did make the following, however: spiced red lentils with cucumber yoghurt; ratatouille; butternut, carrot, and goat’s cheese tart; burnt aubergine with tahini; and coconut rice with sambal and okra. The lentils were the simplest and thriftiest dish to prepare, and were really delicious with the yoghurt and some bread as a Kew Gardens picnic on Friday.

I’ve been hankering after Silvena Rowe’s new book since it was published, but have been acting with unusual restraint on the cookbook purchase front. Luckily, I’d saved the copy of the Observer Food Monthly containing a selection of recipes from the book, including my best dream: feta and caramelised leek borek. Here they are (they were delicious, and I kept scoffing the filling straight out of the bowl):

And that’s all for now.